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In 1905, the township of Lubuagan, was organized and administered via the sub provincial government of Lepanto-Bontoc sub province.  Lt. Governor E. A. Eckman was the chief executive of the sub province and acted concurrently as the chief executive or president of Lubuagan.  He was aided by his vice president who was chosen from among the local leaders of Lubuagan.  Appointed Municipal District Vice President during the period were tribal pangat (headman) Uyam of Mabilong, appointed in 1905, followed by Alunday of Sakio on July 20, 1906 and Wansi of Dugnac appointed on February 16, 1907.

On March 4, 1907 Kalinga was separated and organized as a distinct sub province from Lepanto-Bontoc sub province.  Lt. Gov. Walter Franklin Hale, who was married to Miss Guillerma Lorenzana of Tagudin, Ilocos Sur and incumbent Lt. Gov. Of the sub province of Amburayan, Ilocos Sur, was designated Lt. Gov. Of the sub province of Kalinga.

On August 18, 1907, the Philippine Commission passed Act 1876 creating the Mountain Province inclusive of the sub provinces of Amburayan, Benguet, Bontoc, Ifugao, Kalinga, Apayao and Lepanto. Which were politically subdivided into municipal districts namely Lubuagan which include Tanudan, Tinglayan and Pasil; Balbalan which included Pinukpuk and Tabuk which included Liwan or presently Rizal.  Lt. Gov. Hale was designated as the first president of the district of Lubuagan from August 18, 1907 to August 5, 1910.  By virtue of the aforementioned law, Lubuagan became the capital of the sub province of Kalinga.

By Proclamation 2918 of Governor General Frank Murphy, and in conformity with the desire of local leaders, Tanudan was separated from Lubuagan in May 1932 as Municipal District.  On October 9, 1959, Lubuagan with the rest of the Municipal Districts of the undivided Mt. Province was made a 7th class regular municipality.

By operation of the Republic Act 4741, Pasil was made a separate municipality out of Lubuagan which at the time was reduced in area, population and revenue.  In April of the same year, the division Bill known as RA 4695 was implemented.  Kalinga Apayao became a new province with Tabuk as the Provincial Capital.  Lubuagan, having been dismembered with the separation of Tanudan and Pasil ceased being the sub province capital.  Despite these circumstances, Lubuagan was reclassified then as a 6th class municipality.

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